4 of the Best Skincare Products and Procedures to Treat Oily Skin

The times that you wish you hadn’t outshined competition was when your oily skin did all the shining for you.  http://cutify.co Regardless of age, oily skin is a fact some people have to live with. It usually is brought about by heredity or overactive hormones. Dermatologists say that hormone production stimulates oil production that usually seeps on to the skin. Controlling hormones or who your parents are can be way too tricky to manipulate. However, you don’t have to put up with oily skin because there are ways to control it so that you can replace that shine on your cheeks or forehead with an even glow.

Notice that even the best skincare products for oily skin don’t say “anti-oil”. Instead, they come in the form of “oil-control” products because, believe it or not, fighting it makes it worse. Before you make the mistake of washing all the oil off your skin, read on to find out about the four best skincare products and procedures to treat oily types.


A best skincare practice starts with proper cleansing. If you find all the oil on your face all too yucky, there’s no need to be too harsh on your face. The best skincare products aren’t always the most potent. Dermatologists say that harsh cleansing only stimulates the body to produce more oil. When irritated, particularly oily skin, it acts up and becomes even more oily. Experts also suggest that oily skin is best treated with a gentle cleanser that scours through pores thoroughly. No matter how gentle your cleanser is, the best skincare practice is still to not over-wash your skin. Twice a day should be enough.


Next to cleansing, toning is the second best skincare practice that will help your skin get a healthy glow. Toners do the task of closing pores. For oily skin, smaller pores help control the flow of oil. When the weather is humid or hot, the pores open up to breathe and this usually causes more oil to come out of the skin. So keep your face cool or use a cooled toner that will control the oiliness of your face.


Step one was to cleanse. Step two, tone. Step three in the tips for best skincare practice is to moisturize. Oil and moisture are two very different things. If you’re uncomfortable with how moisturizers feel on oily skin, then sacrificing a little comfort is a small price to pay. In fact ,oily skin has a slight advantage over other types because it locks in more moisture. The more you moisturize, the more it tightens and the younger you look. The best skincare products will help you moisturize your skin without making it oily.


If your oily skin causes breakouts and form acne, don’t run to anti-acne quick fixes. These skincare products dry the skin and don’t stop oil from coming out. Dermatologists recommend a deep cleaning exfoliant once a week for a nice thorough cleansing and for getting rid of dead skin.

So whether your skin is oily or not, the best skincare products don’t have to be fancy. What counts is that they suit your skin type. While oily skin requires you to be extra-high maintenance and careful with the topical products, it still holds true that the best skincare routine will include the right cleanser, a toner right for your pores, a moisturizer-preferably oil-free-and an exfoliant. Knowing that you can keep oily skin at bay, and how to control it, gives you that extra confidence boost to outshine others with not oily skin but a radiant glow.


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