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There are various big and small bankers supplying credit cards for the companies as well as individuals all across the country. While credit cards have become one of the basic necessities today, the market is flooded with plethora of choices of them and so is the competition increasing. Liquid with THC

The companies are trying their best to lure the clients and fetch business from them. They do this by offering varied types of credit cards and along with them propose different rebates, incentives, and other perks.

All of us have to decide on at least one of the lot, but the comparisons are just not easy. ‘X’ feature of one seems to be good and ‘Y’ of another. So here are some tips and ideas to make the job of choosing a best suited credit for you more easily:

1. In case you get an email or a postal mail regarding a credit card, first of all bet in to the website and try to read it in detail and understand the services they offer along with all the financial details.

2. You must make sure to read all the details in a fine print received from the company itself.

3. Make sure that you understand and know all the hidden fees and/or other costs related with that card.

4. Actually, the companies often tend to cover up these hidden expenses in their mails.

5. While comparing among the various options available, APR and fees are the key prospects.

6. APR explains the interest rate that you would need to pay. So, it should get as low as possible.

7. With some credit cards the APR is unusually high; rule out those options instantly, else you shall land up riding a roller coaster of credit card debt.

8. With APR rates, do not even get lured with the credits that you may avail with that card as high APR rates at the end would put you through the charges that are indeed very difficult to pay.

9. Alongside the innumerable choices, there are three market leaders in terms of credit cards – MasterCard, Visa, and American Express or AMEX.

10. While MasterCard & Visa issue the credit cards based on the various other banks, AMEX runs the entire show on its own.

11. Unlike MasterCard & Visa, AMEX has its own network, they issue their own credit cards, and hence no third party is involved in the deal.

12. The ones who travel a lot and need a card that is applicable everywhere, all across the globe, including the third world countries as well, Visa or MasterCard is your pick.

13. American Express is pacing up hard to achieve the status of MasterCard & Visa all across the globe and is not leaving any stone unturned in the drill. Very soon they would also be accepted in every part of the world, but for now, they are not accepted in many parts of the globe.


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