Increase Your Height Without Surgery – Increasing Height the Natural Way

I want to start this article off by talking about Limb Lengthening Surgery. A lot of people turn to height increasing surgery because all the other methods they have tried have failed. This surgery is an ongoing process that takes about 10 months to increase your height by 3 inches. This surgery works by actually increasing bone growth similar to how one of your legs will get longer when it is broken and healed. What they do is saw your bone in half, insert rods to connect the bone together. Then each day they will increase the space between the bones by 1mm. Your body will fill in the space with extra bone growth which will make you taller over time.

That said, this surgery is extremely painful and is not 100% safe. Because the bone can twist or become malformed during the repairing process, there is a chance that you could end up crippled. If you are looking to have this surgery, you better be serious about it. This is not like getting a breast implant or something of that nature. This is a serious surgery reserved for those who are completely unsatisfied with their current height.

Natural ways to increase your height without surgery.

There are plenty of alternatives to the limb lengthening surgery. While you will get the best gains from the surgery, you can still increase your height by up to 4 inches with proven methods that are 100% natural and safe. If you haven’t looked into these methods, I suggest you take a look at the free eBook in the resource box below. It covers many different exercises and stretches that will make you taller, but only if you put in the hard work. Read more about leg lengthening

Posture plays a big role in your height

Bad posture plays a big role in height deficiencies. I was actually able to increase my height by roughly an inch through working on my posture. The thing is, all along I have been under the thought that I had great posture. That is until I started learning what good posture actually is. By learning, I mean practicing it every day through constant thought and strength building. The free eBook below also covers how to develop good posture.

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