Remembering Snail Mail

Times have changed and along with it the way we go about our day to day tasks. Thanks to the influx of modern technology in our lives, most of us perform common tasks in life in similar ways. When we want to send a mail to a distant relative, we use the power of the internet. Just a few minutes spent in writing the mail is more than enough. At the click of a button, the mail is dispatched and delivered to the inbox of the intended recipient. If the person to whom the mail was sent is online at that time and if his or her mail client is open, he or she will be immediately informed that they have received a mail. lite blue

Chances are that they will scan the mail and reply back to it quickly if it is urgent enough. So, by the time we can complete a cup of coffee, our mail has been completed, sent and we have also received the reply. However, these electronic versions of mails do not have that special feeling of love and caring attached to them that were there with snail mail. For those who do not know, most people refer to postal mail as snail mail because of its slow speed compared to the speed of email.

During the good old days (depending how you look at them), we used to send copies of the photographs we had taken while touring another city or country. The photographs were hopefully appreciated by the receiver who would then proceed to date them and affix them in photo albums. The current generation sends photographs as email attachments. They do not have to spend time writing on the envelope “contains photographs… please do not bend.” When they are received, the current generation of people just drops the images into folders on their hard drives if they bother to save them at all.

As with so many things, making mail and pictures too cheap and easy also destroyed much of that special value we put on them when they required more effort. Most of you who have corresponded using postal mail will remember quite a few things with nostalgia. Remember those anxious moments that you used to spend waiting for the postman to come with the letters of your beloved? Times are changing and with it our means of communicating are too. This has good and bad points, but our emails and digital images do not have the heart of letters and pictures.


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