Fun at the San Diego Sicilian Festival

Let me start by giving you piece of foundation on me. I happen to cherish celebrations and marches. Having said that, let me explain by saying that I love the customary Old World and European celebrations. Second to those are the motorcades and celebrations back east (where I’m from). Which obviously sounds good to me since there are more European inhabitants over yonder just as ages that hold close connections to their ethnic European country. Visit – เทศกาลสุดแปลก


Presently, I live in Southern California, and as energized as I used to be to go to a nearby celebration or march, I have been downright baffled. One too often. To where I simply loath going to them. And afterward we have the Sicilian celebration.


All things considered, would it be advisable for me to try this celebration out at the danger of being frustrated once more? Danger I will!


From the start I figured heading off to a Sicilian Festival would start a lot of enthusiasm for it being a family excursion. You know every one of the 11 of us in addition to Liz and Mika (my ought to be SIL and my long term old niece). Yet, by and by, not surprisingly; When the occasion draws nearer individuals begin to “drop like flies” out of the plans. I truly don’t get it.


So off we went, only the 4 of us (Dave, Dominic, Cosette, and myself).


We headed down south to Little Italy in downtown San Diego. Going through the singed slope that was as of late consumed in a rapidly spreading fire a couple of days back. When we showed up in San Diego, we found a reasonable blue sky, no smoke noticeable all around at all, and a dazzling gentle temperature of 68 degrees. Wonderful.


It was a genuinely bustling occasion, so stopping wasn’t adequate. It took some time of us driving around aimlessly searching for an unfilled spot, passing and re-passing a few of similar vehicles on a similar chase. In the long run stopping numerous squares away, walking the Jacaranda lined avenue, we strolled over to India road, where the celebration was held.


Showing up at the celebration and quickly seeing that it was very vivacious! Sights and hints of families (and their canines), many product and travel stalls. Distinctive social affiliations and afterward the entirety of the food sellers!


The odd thing that we notice anyway is that a large portion of the merchants are not Sicilian or even Italian! This certainly irritated Cosette (my little youngster), since she is a traditionalist! As a grown-up, I comprehend that you need to fill the celebration with whoever will pay for a spot. However, it was only a slight piece odd that under 15% of the sellers had anything to do with Sicily/Italy! (I happened to just shot the Italian ones. Hehe)

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