Mont Blanc Pens – Collector’s Gold

When one thinks of great series pens Mont Blanc is in reality one of the first brands that involves mind. It is the most searched for, one of the most ancients too: the Meisterstuck is the maximum famous one but the German pen producer has made, and still makes, many different models. There are numerous collectors piermont grand ec.

When an engineer, a paper maker and a banker from Hamburg proportion the equal ardour for writing, they create a ballpoint pen that works with its personal reservoir. Their organisation is known as at first “Simplo Filler Pen Company”, however in 1909 it took at the call in their flagship version: Mont Blanc. The reservoir turned into a technical revolution for the time and the pen changed into without delay successful. The highbrow elite straight away adopt this pen, famously marked by using a white star emblem. In 1924 the mythical Meisterstuck pen is created. It turns into the icon of the cutting-edge pens. Even in 1935 pens Mont Blanc are of this kind of nice that customers get hold of a lifetime assurance!

Today the logo is a part of the Richmont Group, which incorporates brands such as Dunhill, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoultre and Lancel. A Mont Blanc pen stays necessary for the thousands and thousands who retain to write down with the “pen with the golden nib”. To diversify its offer, the company introduced the more youthful-minded levels Bohème, Scenium and Starwalker, in markers, pencils and pens. But the most interesting for collectors are the restrained versions that Mont Blanc releases each yr. Generally committed to writers, customers or artists those uncommon pieces have visible their values leap those remaining 30 years.

In July 2009 a reputed French pen collector auctioned some fantastic portions. In overall he placed for public sale eighty portions which all offered out. Among the ones have been numerous “Bohème” fashions , several “Solitaire” pens, Writer’s variations which includes “Voltaire” and “Jules Verne”, commemorative variations of buyers consisting of “Piermont Morgan” and “Henry Tate” fashions as properly.

Those who offered the pieces know for certain that whilst you ask approximately the greatest pens Mont Blanc is what 60% of creditors solution. These valued gadgets will possibly see their price rise inside the next years and remain a high quality funding.

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