Repair and Maintenance of Modern Garage Doors

All roll up type garage doors fundamentally work on torsion of spring, whether hand operated or power operated. Door shutter moves on tracks mounted on side walls. Torsion springs are attached to a rolling shaft. This shaft has cables that run down up to bottom of shutter and lift it up due to recoiling force of spring when hold is released. Necessity of garage doors repair may come in case of failure of springs. Smooth movement of the shutter may get obstructed due to blockage of tracks or faulty alignment. Basically, these units are meant to work with a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles of shutter movement. Faults in tracks or failure of other components can be managed though repairs. Many a times, it becomes necessary to go for complete garage door replacement due to demanding condition of the door. Also, such replacements become compulsive when a homeowner is going for complete modification of building and hence fixing a trendy door. Read more about garage doors Layton

Over a period of use, recoiling springs loose force of drawing back. Modern garage shutters are made of different types of materials, which was not so in old doors. These units need repair in case of mechanical failure of springs to recoil due to metal fatigue. Ordinarily, life of spring is dependent upon number of time doors are opened and closed. In case of automatic doors, normally the number of operation increases with more average daily use because of convenience. Other situation for repairing may come up due to structural faultiness of tracks and cables, and loosened mounting brackets. Unless tracks are heavily dented, the problem can be easily rectified. But, heavily dented tracks may need to be replaced. Damaged shutters need replacement with new pieces, which is also desirable for security.

As a guideline, owners should check the tracks to detect denting and loosened brackets resulting to misalignment. A better checking is possible by closing the door and inspecting from inside of garage. Checking of the track for alignment is important. Straightness of vertical tracks can be checked by using a plumb line. Both of the side tracks must maintain same height. The top mounted horizontal track should slightly tilt downward towards the back of garage. Leveling and alignment of track is a tricky job demanding experience. Owners should ensure right position of the tracks before tightening or fixing faulty tracks. In case, the owners have any doubt about ability of managing the situation precisely, it is better to go for technician’s assistance. Maintenance and lubrication of tracks for smooth movement of door is necessary. Tracks need timely lubrication with spray or powdered lubricant like graphite powder. Lubricating oil is better for rolling components like wheels and pulleys. To set right a problem in electrical system of automatic units, the owners should better take help of technicians instead of handling it themselves.

Such fixing jobs can be operated as business against license, featured under trade practices. This business has been a profitable venture since the owners mostly take service on urgent basis. Prices charged for fixing and replacement of doors have been good

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